Resolution to create Yodha in every home of Odisha


The world has changed its perception of Odisha’s ability to deal with disaster in the course of the last two decades. There was a time when the state evoked pity. Today the Odisha model of disaster management draws global administration. As the center of this transformation is “every life is precious”, disaster preparedness is rooted in community involvement.

The Council of Minister has resolved to undertake systematic and detailed training programs to equip citizens with adequate knowledge and skills in disaster and pandemic management and make Odisha a leading state in disaster preparedness to make ready to tackle any disaster whether it’s biological or climatic.

COVID-19 has created a new reality for everyone. Unlike a cyclone that comes and goes, the pandemic has brought in two new dimensions of human crisis. One is the inability to put a timeline as to when a crisis will move on. The second is the way a crisis may assume new and unexpected forms.

To create a massive knowledge infrastructure in the state and to make everyone warrior, in the recent meeting, the state Council minister took a futuristic decision. It was decided that the people at large will be trained on how to deal with known emergencies and how to respond to situations where the outcome cannot be predicted. From now on, every high school and college student will learn about disaster and pandemic management as part of the curriculum.

As per the new initiative, every government employee on the fundamental nature of different kinds of disasters and pandemic management. Government jobs and recruitment will have a mandatory syllabus on disaster and pandemic management.

The role of elected representatives changes significantly during times of distress. From ward members to Chief Minister everyone will be trained on disaster and pandemic management. Members of Mission Shakti groups, Vana Surakya Samitis and other community-based organization will be trained and will equip with the knowledge required to manage disaster and pandemics.

Basically, the objective is to have Yodha in every home of Odisha. A task force will be formed to carry forward this mission of building a disaster and pandemic resilient Odisha.


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