Things we all did as Children

Being a naughty kid is not an easy task, we had a lot of struggles. If you are guilty of still doing these things and keeping the kid in you alive.

  1. Eat Bournvita directly with a figure or Nutella.
  2. Sneakily eat our tiffin during class.
  3. Throw a tantrum for Patties and Pizza on Sundays.
  4. Look for every excuse to eat Maggi in the evening.
  5. Steal cousin hidden chocolate from the fridge.
  6. Give excuse of stomach ache to skip school.
  7. Tie up with the Class monitor to avoid punishment.
  8. Burrow money from grandparents, even having pocket money from parents.
  9. Draw on erasers and then stamp them on the skin.
  10. Fell asleep before project night.
  11. Poured glue over your hand and peel it up.
  12. Put a pin through your skin for no reason.

Pratika Priyadarshini