Which one to prefer, Hard work or Smart work

Whether you do hard work or smart work, end of the day you will have to show the result.

Hard work and smart work both go hand in hand. While there is no denying that people need to work hard to create a foundation to achieve something great. If initially, they will work smart, they can do the same amount of work faster with more efficiency and for which they need to be taught the thin line between making work relentlessly hard and to learn smart work.

Nothing grows without hard work, But yes this is also true that without brain success will not come to your plate only with hard work.

What hard work is all about?

It’s the work that a person put its long efforts to get success and to prove himself, it does not come overnight.

Elements of Hard work-

1.Plan- The better will be the plan the clear will be the output. Plans keeps you on right track while taking action.

2. Motivate yourself- Push yourself forward by learning from the influencers.

3. Manage your stress levels- Make some time for your fun moment, do some relaxation, never get discouraged, then only you can succeed otherwise your mind will be block.

4. Do some sacrifices- To achieve something you have to sacrifice something. For example comfort zone, lazyness, personal problems.

5. Maintain quality- Your are acceptable only when you will do quality work with volume of task.

6. Utilise time- Dont waste single minutes, utilise each and every free time, may be through reading books are by making something.

What’s Smart work?

The one who use brain and act smartly, without wasting hours for small work, where there is a guarantee of getting success quickly.

Element of smart work-

1.Build strength- Our strength will be build only after we will start working on our weakness. Know you weak point and clear the errors by modifying it.

2. Manage time- We all are well known to the proverb that ” First come First served”. One can successed in life only if you will manage you time by making a time table, distributing your works according, then only you reach in time and can be served first.

3. Have deep knowledge- You must have deep knowledge about the profession who have choosen. Basic must have cleared in those this and have background knowledge of grass root things as well as update with the change going on.

4. Control emotion-  Sometimes it’s better to think about yourself first, no one will think about you, so first keep something for yourself then help others to guide them for their work.

5. Be practical- Dont be too much personal, answer diplomatically when you will be asked. Make sure that shut their mouth with your answer so that there will be no questions further left for you.

6. Build your contact with influencer- The more you will hangout with influenced, the more you get to know about many creative things, which will help you to achieve the goal.