World famous immunotherapies doctor Jamal A Khan told what are the symptoms of cancer disease

Addressing the seminar in Bhubaneswar today, world renowned immunotherapies doctor Jamal e Khan told what are the symptoms of cancer disease and how to know and How does this disease start, he told that in brain disease, vomiting came without talking, the stomach was not bad, there was pain in the head, there was dizziness in the eyes, If It has come and we should always pay attention.

If we have got this problem then we should tell our local doctor that this is a new thing to us, it has never happened before and we can do our MRI scan. Get the test done MRI scan of the contrast brain, it is very important for us because brain disease is also cured, Dr. Jamal-A-Khan also told that some such patients came to me. Those who lived in London came, they got their treatment done and they got cured and left. Today they are living their life very well and they told that 15 to 16 years At the age of till, children get a type of bone disease called sarcoma, which is usually seen in children around the bones or bones in which children play.

They fall on their own as soon as they play because their bones are weak and we feel that if a cricket ball has fallen due to this, then we should get full treatment for it too. If we get the treatment of cancer disease at the right time, then this disease can be eradicated. In our India, we are not able to catch the disease properly, so it becomes a big disease which needs the biggest treatment. And I am very happy that I have been leaving abroad for 18 years and serving my India.

Pratika Priyadarshini