How to cook maggi noodles in just 2 minutes?


    The most loved food Maggi always arise with a question that why it’s takes three to five minutes instead in two minutes. Then let me tell you that it is possible only if you will gonna follow the following steps. Have a look!

    How to cook Maggi faster?

    To cook the Maggi in two minutes you just have to do

    Step 1-  First get the water boiled in container.

    Step 2-  Heat it hard.

    Step 3-  Add the maggi masala.

    Step 4-  Then add the maggi.

    Step 5-  Cover it for some second.

    Step 6-  Your maggi is ready to serve.

    If you want to add vegetables then put it when the water is getting boiled it will take the same time limit.

    let me tell you one thing if you will experiment the thing in a perfect sequence you will gonna get the perfect output for that. So, try to cook in sequence instead of putting the water, Maggi all at a time to boil. As the maggi cooked faster than regular noodles, that is why it’s instant noodles.

    Get into the above process to enjoy your maggi cooked in just two minutes.


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