This can prevent split ends


It’s very common in girls, facing the split ends due to the pollution, heat styling, poor eating habits. Before your hair start splitting, do have your prevention.

Don’t wash frequently –  There no doubt, everyone love to have freshly washed hair. But washing the hair frequently decreases the oil and make it dry which allows damage. It’s better to wash to once a week depending on your hair condition.

Avoid hot water – Hot water showers allows the flow of heat on hair which destroy the nourishment. Even the cold water are harmful, try to use the normal temperature.

Use Conditioner – Nourishment is very essential part for hair, it wipe out the roughness of hair. It provides a moisture protection to hair.

Avoid towel wrap – Hair are very delicate, so while wrapping the hair to dry it leads to breakage as we squeeze our hair to make it dry. Use soft cloth in that case.

Go for wide tooth comb – The regular cloths create disturbance in hair creating several knots on hair, so it’s better to use  wide comb to avoid unhealthiness.

Trimm regularly –  Sometimes because of  the unavoidable reason your hair tends to dry up, it’s better to cut the damage parts. Trim your hair once in two months.

Limit styling – Avoid chemical treatment and frequent change in hair style. It cause the decrease on hair volume.  

Protect from sun –  The direct rays weaken the hair. Cover your hair from excess heat of sun when you are out.  


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