20 habits of super happy people, must follow

Everyone wants to stay happy, why not? here we have shared the secret funda of the peoples who follow the below guidelines to stay super duper happy.

1. Surround yourself with happy people ( joy is contagious)-  the more you are surrounded with positive and joyful people the more you will stay happy.

2. Smile and mean it- It means a little smile to satisfy with yourself and the world, that sounds friendlier than it might have been meant. Save some face, you know you have only got one, Change your ways.

3. Cultivate resilience (if you fall stand back up!)- The more you develop gratitude, the more resilient you will become. Remind yourself of other victories. Don’t lose your hope.

4. Try to be happy- Whatever situation it maybe try to keep yourself happy.

5. Appreciate simple pleasure (oh such lovely sunshine!)- Find happiness in small, accept those things rather than expecting the big one.

6. Devote some time to giving- Give your valuable time to others, make out time and plan surprise.

7. Go with the flow (lose track of time when enjoying)- Whatever obstacles may come, keep going, go ageas. One day you will come up with a better output.

8. Be mindful of good- Thing good will have good, also see good in others.

9. Spend money on others- Sometimes making someone happy by helping them out in their need time, seeing the cute smile on others face will make you more happy than your self moment.

10. Listen- Whoever says what to you, just listen, because those words will push you up.

11. Meet peoples- Gather knowledge by meeting new people, grow your contact, discuss ideas.

12. Deeper conversation- Share your ideas, relax your mind.

13. Value good music- listen to some music and free up your mind.

14. Get spiritual- Get into positivity power, thank everyone whatever they have done for you.

15. Look on the bright side- appreciate small things.

16. Unplug- Keep yourself busy by reading or by watching videos, involve yourself, don’t seat ideal.

17. Laugh out loud- open up, be louder than you are.

18. Exercise- Relax your body muscles, free up, be active.

19. Walk the walk (springy steps help!)- Walk a long way to achieve your goals.

20. Go outside- do outing, explore new places, learn the historic of those geographical areas.