4 Natural ways must try to avoid yellow teeth  

Natural ways to avoid yellow teeth
4 Natural ways must try to avoid yellow teeth

Are you guys hiding your yellow chopper while smiling? or Communicating indirectly with people? and also Avoiding the face to face talk? Now you don’t have to worry about it, because here are some of the ways given below that will help you to smile with bright teeth. Have a look at it.

1. Stay away from unhealthy habits – Avoid the habits of drinking soda and coffee, smoking and taking tobacco all the time.

2. Drink through a straw-  Straw can help you from not having a direct contact with the liquid, which will release you from the colouration of teeth.

3. Brush after taking a meal- Minimum twice a day try to brush because it will remove all the particles that usually block the gums.

4. Try natural paste- Brushing your teeth that to with the paste of tulsi leaves has a chance of avoiding the dental problems. Also, you can use the herbal paste tricks. you can try the herbal paste by taking some coconut oil, keep it in your mouth leave it for at least  3-4 minutes then spit it out.

Simply, if you will Keep your mouth clean as well as rub your teeth with your finger and wash it properly, the number of times after having your food. Then, even if you don’t follow the above tips you can have the perfect shine in your teeth.


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