Sandusa towel that prevents sand and water from sticking to it.


Many a time, when at the beach after swimming or just after playing in, the sand tends to stick to your body and the salt will actually add the feeling of sandy, dry, rubbery to your body. It is hard to separate the sand from your body, without the full baths which are normally not always available.

This Sandproof and Waterproof Beach Towel Sandusta, will change your entire beach experience as the sand cannot stick to it as well as the water can’t get through, it slides right off that stops water from seeping from one side of the towel to the other part and the best part, it is foldable into a bag shape which turns easy to carry.

So, when it’s time to leave the beach take the towel with you, not the sand.

The towel is made of a new fabric called absorblite, which is probably 80 percent polyester and 20 percent polyamide and there are twenty-four more different designs. It is PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) material, and this material is not so soft as cotton material.

To have suitable family dinners or for the camping, you can use this moisture-proof pad for laying on the ground or on the beach to keep the food, also to keep the body and clothing clean from the water, moisture and sand. Also to prevent the harmful bacteria, to have joyful travel and leisure activities, this Sandusa is a good companion and essential thing to go out.

Australian has created this Sandusa towel as the first sand-proof towel.

lets just more people go outdoors with this amazing towel that prevents from sand and water sticking to it.


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