How to deal with workplace politics?


    Are you worried about the power games that were played at the workplace?  Then let me tell you, it’s not the only places where it is played. There are people means, there is politics starting from the village to the intuitions, everywhere you will come across with politics.

    Do you think that you are pleased with everyone, all the time?  No. If you are pleased with fewer people at some time and not with others at the same time. Then trust me people will also think that you are playing the game, too. Because of many a time your thought, behaviour, ideas changes. Isn’t it?

    Then so what if the game is played. Let it be! Often some people are resistant to politics. So, whatever the situation may be ‘the more you resist, the more it will persist’. Never stay away from politics.   

    I would suggest that stop complaining about the situation because it creates a strong dislike within you. There will be many hurdles in your life which are unavoidable. Then it’s better to learn to stay in it.   

    If you have allergies for chilly, and you will make spicy food, then what will I tell you? You are scared of landfall, and you have built your house near the river, then what will I tell you? If you have asthma disorder and you are staying at the roadside, then what will I tell you? Similarly, if you are complaining about the criticism, living in the earth, then what will I tell you?

    What do you mean by playing politics?

    It is all about phrasing to some and discouraging others and air your opinion about other people all the time. That’s how it is.

    Comments are like ‘hawa ka jhonka’. People will say something today and their behavior will be complete opposite tomorrow. Today they will criticize you, tomorrow they will praise you. These all things are normal.

    Wherever you go, Be joyful and be an inspiration for everyone. Then only you can uplift the spirit in any place. Just listen to the comment, face them anyway and use it in a better way, carrying a big smile in your face.


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