5 Embarrassing Breastfeeding Questions

    Every mother’s struggle a lot while taking care of her child and when we talk about breastfeeding, the hand full of question arises in all the new mom’s mind. Because it’s the most delicate part in the lifespan and how it looks like,  it’s not that much easy to feed the newborn baby.

    So, here the questions related to breastfeeding women are list down. Check out!

    Will I able to produce enough milk in a small chest?

    The size of breasts has no problem with milk production as the milk is produced by mammary glands and pushed into milk duct under the nipples. Hence, the milk produced only when it is pushed out properly, while the baby sucks.

    Will my big breast be like this after I stop breastfeeding?

    Everything depends on genetics, due to weight gain or during pregnancy or even your age. Normally the breast enlarges because of the presence of milk. In some cases the fat tissue gets permanently shifted, leading larger even after breastfeeding.

    Why do I produce less milk than other women?

    Less supply of milk leads due to two thing, one because of less feeding to a baby and other than that because of interfer of curtain medicine with the breastfeeding.  A baby must feed in every 2-4 hrs on both the side of breast in ten minute each.

    Is is  safe to wear a bra during breastfeeding?

    If you’re worried about your breasts leaking overnight then you have an option to wear a maternity tank top to hold your nursing pads in place. Only the concern arises from that, wearing a bra can hinder the supply of milk or blood flow to the breasts.

    Will I able to breastfeed after my breast implants?

    The mother can feed after breast implants, may be not fully but can partially and everything depends on the type of surgery underwent by her because according to that the function of the  glandular tissue will occur.