Are you possessive in the relationship? It may affect your personality

    Are you possessive in relationship? It may affect your

    If you find yourself of being possessive, then it may be the signal of something dangerous.

    The possessiveness start, with complains like ‘why you spend too much time with your family?’,  ‘we should make time for each other’, ‘What’s the point of being together?’, Why do you have to go to work this much?’.

    All these kind of statements turn a dark shade with the use of nagging, threatening, emotional blackmailing and crying. Now, the question is, Is this behaviour is normal? or more specifically, Is it something scarier?

    What possessive is all about?

    Well, Possessiveness is a clear sign of insecurity and that result with self-abandonment which happens only when you rely too much on others and expect them to feel the same love and importance for you. It results in the feeling of needing someone to be happy, safe and secure. In short, the lack of self love and confidence are the seeds sown which result in a full streak of possessiveness.

    6 symptoms of possessiveness:

    Here is a list which will help you to know that  smothering bothering you and your partner, causing them stress:

    1.Monitoring the interactions with people of opposite sex, be it friends or colleagues

    2. Putting a spy on Facebook and Whatsapp accounts and check call logs when they are not around.

    3. By emotionally blackmailing your partner into cutting contact with friends of the opposite sex.

    4. Keeping a constant check on their whereabouts, whenever the two of you are not together.

    1. Stalk people on their friend list on any social media, manipulating your partner into staying at home and cancel plans. 
    2. Making your partner, the centre of your world while having no space at all for other friends, family or even a life of your own.

    If you face any of this above, then trust me you have invited something unusual in your doorstep. It is normal to see some amount of insecurity and healthy possessiveness, but when these insecurities become downright dangerous and progress to become verbally or physically abusive it causes mental disorder.   

    ” Don’t Let Your Insecurities Destroy Something Good “

    5 ways to stop being possessive:

    1. Stop overthinking and creating an image of unnecessary things.

    2. Spend some time together and apart from that share and talk different things about when you are together.

    1. Don’t let the jealousy kill you, make sure you know your self-worth and realize that your partner is lucky to be with you. 
    2. Open up your issues with your partner by not being a spy.
    1. Take some time out for meditation, try to figure out the situation in a positive manner.