Effortless ways to wear a Scarf for the different style

Effortless ways to wear a Scarf for the different style

Many of them love to wear a scarf. But, the question always strikes to their mind that How to wear it? so as I also had thought about it. So here we have share certain ways to wear scarves to look different with it in our outfits.

Nowadays it has become a trendy wear to wear scarves. Some wear it to match with their outfit, some in neck and waist to look stylish, some cover their head to protect them from the dust and wind. But, the proper ways to wear it creates a big question mark. So, here below we have talked about it, let’s have a look!

How to wear scarfs in a different style?

To wear the scarf in different style means to make a different appearance by presenting different looks  

  1. Hang loose – Casually hang the scarf by draping it around your neck. You can have it with your Kurtis or maybe with the short jacket.
    2. Wrap the head – To make a look of oldies icon, it is stylish to wear the scarf by Wrapping it around the head and by letting the loose edge drape around one shoulder. It can also protect your hair from the unwanted dust particles.
    3. Tying around hips – By wrapping up the scarf around the hips together and tying in one side, it will make a perfect look if you are a swimmer as you can wear it in this way after having a dig in swimming pool. Also, you can make a mini skirt to make a feel of loose up during the vacation or while workout.
    4. Drape around the shoulder – To have a look of maxi kind dresses you can wear it like the shawl by draping the scarf over both the shoulder. It also allows the breeze to touch the body.
    5. Knot on hair – If your hair disturbs you while you were working or else to make a hairband for the smart and innocent look. Loop the scarf on hair by making a twist and turn by putting the hair inside the loop make it tight with the knot to make it fix.

6. Make a vest –   To make a vest through scarf first you need to hold the scarf make a half fold, then tie the top two corner together then tie that with the center.

  1. Tie around bag handle – To touch the print color of the scarf with the outfit and to look cool you can use the scarf by tying it around the handle of the bag. Also can make a small bag too to carry the little things instead of making a hand full.
    8. Make a belt – If you feel your outfit waist part is loose enough and to change the look of your dress, or you have forgotten to wear the belt then tie the scarf around your waist with bow.  

The pack of versatile uses of a scarf will gonna make a stylish look with the outfits you will gonna have it.


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