Basic things to know for sleep apnea cure


We always face problems in our life because of silly mistake we do, so, it’s better to work on basic things as that has the more impact.

Here we have shared some of the most important things to keep in mind for the cure of sleep apnea, let’s have a look!

1.Loose your weight- Doing exercise daily can burn fat and will have space for the oxygen to spread on body, and it’s a easiest way too only you have to throw out your laziness.

2. Change the posture of sleeping- Sleeping on side posture can relax throat position and will make a comfort sleep.

3.Change lifestyle- All you need to do is decrease the amount of doing smoking and drinking alcohol, it’s better if you stop taking both.

4.Use good sleep habits- Give your body some time to take rest. Take a nap when you are free, avoid sleeping late.

5.Foods to eat and avoid- It’s good to eat fish, olive oil, green vegetable, and at the same time avoid some foods like bananas, meat, butter, fast-food.

6.Do gargling- Make a habit to do gargling with hot water and slight salt at least twice a day, before sleeping and before doing brushing of teeth.

7.Take herbal remedies- Use some ingredients like honey, cinnamon, peppermint, chamomile tea, warm turmeric milk, garlic, almonds.

8.Do meditation- Doing meditation before sleep can calm down your mind also you will have restful sleep.


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