How to pay land revenue online?


A major relief to the people of Odisha who stay in busy schedule, away from resident, and used to face difficulties to make manual payments. Odisha has launched the facility for current demand of land revenue payment online on Thursday, 15 August.

The system which was developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) in Bhubaneswar, will enable people to make their payments within minutes and get rent receipts.

Steps to make land revenue payment online are-

1. First go for search of the official website portal link  on Google.

2. Click on pay land revenue option, given in the web page.

3. Fill the form, by giving the data that were being asked.

4. With this, the details like name of the person registered and amount due will be update in that web page.

5. After making the payment electronically, you will receive an  acknowledgement receipt, which will have registration number and transactions ID.

6. Then the rent receipt can be downloaded by using that number and ID, which will be applicable only between 24 hours of registration.

So, finally, now you will not have to stand in long queue and will not run from one office to another for manual payment of land revenue.

As per records of Revenue and Disaster Management Department, every year around 1 lakh 30 thousand people across the state use to make payment of land revenue, so, this online payment is like a transformative step for them and the time of both department and people will be saved.

However, this is first initiative by revenue department under 5-T mantra-Transparency, Teamwork, Technology, Time and Transformation, to provide better services to the fellow people’s.


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