CRUT plans ‘Library on Wheels’ for Fellow Passengers


Capital Region Urban Transport (CRUT) is planning to have books in Mo Bus for its fellow passengers.

As per social media blogging site, CRUT had made a tweet, yesterday making a poll to know the opinion of the public about the ideas they have thought, in which they wrote, “How about keeping some books on MO BUS our fellow passenger? Share your views and help us plan this new journey of ‘Mo Bus.’ Also had made three points for opinion: 1. like this idea, 2. Dislike this idea, 3. like but with some change.

Till now around 69 percent of people have supported this idea and 12 percent didn’t like this idea, while rest 20 percent liked with some change.

Apart from that, the Bus has the Wi-Fi and radio facilities for the passengers.

 But for now, they have a plan to open the library inside the Bus and to keep different types of books on the bus.

A total 186 bus make their trip in between twin city, from Cuttack to Bhubaneswar, everyday.


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