Do’s and Don’ts for Dengue


With the outbreak of rainy days and an increasing numbers of waterlogging areas, Don’t fall a victim to Dengue. It can be prevented by following a few simple steps.

1.Remove water from coolers and other containers frequently.

2.Wear long-sleeved clothes.

3.Consult the doctor before taking any medicine.

4.Use mosquitoes nets on the bed.

5.Cover water tanks/container with lids.

6.Use mosquitoes repellents like creams and coils.

7.Clean your regular water storage containers.

8.Create awareness in your locality.

9.Don’t allow children to play near stagnant water bodies.

10.Eat immunity-boosting fruits, and drink fruit juices.

11.As dengue is caused by a virus, not a bacteria avoid taking antibiotics.

12.Increase fluid intake.

13.Monitor the symptoms like vomiting, weaken of pulse rate.


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