Easy modern rangoli art must try


    Rangoli has been a special attraction through years of Indian culture and tradition. It is a pattern of color that were basically painted on the floor. Festivals are nothing without rangoli, it’s like a ritual that was followed by every Indian passionately as it makes the celebration complete with its combination of happiness through colors.

    Here I have come up with some of my rangoli artwork for you all, have a look at it.

    Jhoti and flower rangoli arts are quite kind of common rangoli art, why don’t you go for something new? Like have creative and give a variety with own texture and innovation so that you can grab the eyes of the viewer as well as holds there mind with your pieces of stuff.

    Some innovative rangoli collection

    These below rangoli artworks are some from my art collection which I  thought of sharing with you all, hope you all will gonna like it.

    1. Single white line art-

    Normally the white line art makes your rangoli look simple, sober and talking about this gods art it creates a different image in your creation.

    1. Night form art-

    It is a too easy and simple way to draw this night scene kind art, as it doesn’t take much time to draw it, only the most important part is to be careful while making art over the colorful background.

    1. Sharing Message art-

    The viewer will not only watch you rangoli, but they can also learn something from it. So sharing message through your creation is the best way to make the people aware of it. Well, I choose this smoking caption because it is a most powerful message for today’s generation and for all who are addicted to.

    1. Flower art-

    Rangoli arts are incomplete without a flower because flower makes the rangoli look more precise and add beauty to the rangoli work.

    1. Make your own creation art-

    Try to do something different like intercultural work into your rangoli so that the viewer will remember you for a lifetime. Here in this rangoli, I tried to spread peace in people’s life.

    Apart from writing, dreaming and doing research I somehow manage my own time to leave in a creative world.  So, these all above creation are from those creative kinds of stuff.


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