Why you might be sweating so much?


Are you suffered through an embarrassing sweat? And face an awkwardness when it sweats and soaked. So, here a few reasons are being shared up, let’s have a look!

  1. Anxiety – You are stress, stress and anxiety can often lead to high perspiration levels, your body produces a special type of sweat in response to stress, this type of stress is made by Apocrine glands which are found in certain areas of the body like the armpits.
  1. Diabetes – Are you a diabetic, diabetic often experience excessive sweating as a response to low blood sugar, diabetics are warned to check for sweat as a marker that their blood sugar has fallen to an unacceptable level.
  1. Pregnancy – The pregnant women often sweat more than usual. Metabolic and hormonal changes can lead to profuse sweating.
  1. Body temperature – The high body temperature caused by hormonal changes, a rise body temperature often leads to more sweating which helps to cool down their body heat.
  1. Medications – If you are taking medication, certain meds may be the root of your sweating mystery, pain medication, cardiovascular drugs, and some antibiotics, can cause excessive sweating in some people.
  1. Hyperhidrosis-If you have hyperhidrosis if you are constantly sweating with no real cause, a medical condition for abnormally excessive sweating, due to sensitive sweat glands.   

How to stop excessive sweating?

To have more confidence with less embarrassment and to stop the unwanted sweat, here we have shared curtain tips that will help you to stop sweating so much. Let’s have a look.

  1. Use a Strong Antiperspirant –  It is the easiest way to treat the excessive underarm sweating, although it is not a permanent fix still it is better than sticking your armpits with needles or by nuking your sweat glands.
  1. Dress up Strategically – Try to wear a light dress when it is hot and bundle up when it is cold. It does not hurt when you have a sweat because it will keep the temperature up and down accordingly and the air flow will help to reduce sweat levels.
  1. Manage your Diet – Avoid eating foods like for example deep fried, fatty, processed kind foods that make you sweat more than normal. Stick to the proper diet which may solve the sweat problem.
  1. Exercise regularly – Exercise not only reduces your fat it also lower the stress hormone and can trigger the release of endorphins which reduce the perception of pain, help you relax and provide a feeling of satisfaction.
  1. Take Vitamin – It’s better to add vitamins like fruits and vegetable in place of a tablet to your daily routine. It’s a way to reduce the amount of sweat and body generates more energy throughout the day.
  1. Stay Hydrated – It provides other useful benefits to the body by keeping it cool. Try to drink plenty of water and you will sweat a lot less. It also helps in aid the digestion process, If your digestion if off your body automatically produces excess sweat.


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