How do I stop nail biting?


Are you biting nails, then be sure that you are inviting infection.  This biting habits start from the childhood itself and continue in adult with the growth of pressure, depression, stress and so on problems. Even many horribly bite everyday as a routine.

Biting nails can leave you with harmful bacteria from the mouth when you put fingers and nails into it. That as a result prove curtain diseases like allergies and some kind of  stomach diseases. So, If you are into this nail biting group and want to get rid out from this habit, then don’t worry because you are not late. The tips share below can help you out. Check this out.

1. Keep your mouth busy

When you feel like biting nails, try to involve your mouth in chewing something like taking chewing gum.

2. Shorten your nails

Trim your nail too short that you won’t get nails out to bite it.

3. Put nail paint

Fill up your nails paint it in a attractive manner so it won’t allow your mind to eat that.

4. Use alternative stress booster things

Try to play with the things like stress ball, fidget spinner and so on keeping your finger busy.

5. Get manicure

Go for extra care like taking your time out for parlour and make your nails look attractive to make it less likely to bite them.

Best way to stop biting nails is to keep yourself busy in doing something.


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