Some habits you are aware of being addicted


Do you think that smoking cigarette, drinking alcohol are the only thinks that we are addicted about? If you think that, then you are wrong.

There are some habits that we do in our daily routine of life style and we are aware of being addicted of that thing. Here we have channelized some of the addicted habits. So, let’s scroll up! And get an idea in brief about it.

What are those addictions habits?

1. Doing Makeup – Thinking that beauty is what that matters to stay in the world. They put makeup all the time and maintain themselves to impress others by doing touch up, manicure, eye brow shape, pedicure and so on to satisfy.

2. Sleeping – Some sleep for a long time, some have a habit of sleeping in noontime, some like to lay down in bed all the time. It may create a problem in your life as you get physically unfit by becoming lazy for sleeping long hours and spending a long time in bed.

3. Food you eat – Eating the junk food and oily food are the reason of welcoming obesity. Eating little bit  of food all the time is good but you need to eat healthy, light kind of food which is good for your heath as that will keep you healthy.

4. Doing tattoo – Some love to ink them up, to look stylish in the crowd. But, doing multiple numbers of tattoos sounds quite addictive. Some think that by the push of tattoo it relief them from their body pain nut that may make you addictive to avoid the pain of body.

5. Strong workout – For the sake of releasing the fat from the body and to look in perfect shape they come up with heavy workout which makes them underweight and decreases the originality.

6. Doing stunt – The one who is adventurous, who is a player and who love doing dance try new experiments for having perfect stunt. Sometimes they pay for it being injured by doing heavy experiment.

7. Shopping – Buying the latest things and being different in town and some are uncontrollable they need to buy things in every next day.

8. Having drinks – Some have habit of drinking beverages, they have a state of mind that it keeps them relax after having it.

9. Playing Games – With the outdoor and indoor games some have a habit of playing the video and android games; they get mad for completing different levels of game and to win.

10. Workaholic – Some don’t love to seat quite with a vacant hand for a single time they love doing something or anything every time by keeping, they involve in it. Sometimes it is good keep involved but by working for long hour and not taking rest may affect your body.

When you come to that your addiction are negatively influencing you then break them immediately by switching on the healthy behavior and off to the unhealthy existing one.


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