How to get in shape before marriage date


Everyone dreams to come up with best in their wedding events. Why not?afterall,  it comes once in lifetime.

Now it’s time to tackle the problem, try to avoid some and also need to follow some, may be the diet or the good fitness to bring down the weight that you have put on in your daily lifestyle. Though it is important to realise the fact.

So, here are some exercises that will help to lose that excess fat with body curl. Have a look at it!

1. Crisscross abs

You can have this exercise lying on the plain surface. Only you have to put your legs in tabletop position and place your hands behind your head with the shoulders down and elbows wide accordingly do the rotation with other side.

2. Stretch– To  be capable of being soft and flexible go for the stretch workout. As that exercise light up the muscles those were tightened up while following daily routine.

Single leg straight

It trains the body to initiate movement from the abdominal muscles. Keep your legs extended straight toward the ceiling and then your knees bent slightly with tight hamstrings.

Double leg straight-

It tone the muscles and increases the stamina as well as the strength of the full body. Where you need to sit straight with your legs pulled up into your chest to perform the double leg stretch.

Apart from these exercises go for a walk before sleeping, it will keep you fit with a peaceful sleep. Eating at regular intervals prevents you from overeating. Drink water every twenty minutes as it balances every work and digestion that plays inside the body part. Stay away from the cold, sweets, carbohydrates and oily food habits. Avoid random snacking the packet foods.

Why only for before wedding? Why not after that? If you will gonna follow the above tricks then surely along with stomach and hips your whole body will tone up in shape and will gonna have special attraction in future.


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