How we can rebuild Odisha together ?


    After Cyclone Fani hit Odisha, Lakhs of people and places have been affected by the severe cyclone and thousands have lost their homes. 

    Though due to prior alerts the situation was mangaged in the best possible way, it will take some time for Odisha to recover as there was severe damage.

    Let’s discuss other ways to fast track our efforts and rebuild Odisha as soon as possible in the right way to keep coastal communities safer and more resilient the next time a huge storm blows in.

    1.  Prepare rebuilding storm-ravaged communities and preparing our towns and cities for future weather disasters 

    2. Take advantage of natural assets to complement traditionally engineered approaches such as dams and concrete channels.

    3. Cyclones and earthquakes don’t kill but buildings do, avoid soft roofs and window frames in modern buildings and flying objects as it can cause havoc.  

    4. Environmental clearance process and approvals of buildings must include climate-resilient features.

    5. High-growth and populous urban centres are becoming more vulnerable to climate vagaries. It’s important to reinvent the low-cost and sustainable material for the poor, built affordable and resilient brick structures for rehabilitation of the displaced in coastal and other places.

    6. If possible, donate some in the shared link for Odisha CM relief fund, so that it will be easier to donate for the cause. 

    Development in these are just only option, there are many more you can do if you think about it.

    So, it’s time to recover the damage and plan for future.


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