Things you should Do and Don’ts during Cyclone


As the extreme cyclone lashed Odisha, here the list one should keep in mind during cyclone effects.


1. Keep emergency lights and mobile phones charged. Stock adequate quantities of candles and matches.

2. Keep emergency kit with medicine special food for babies and children or elders.

3. Remain calm, don’t get panic.

4. Switch off the electrical mains in your house.

5. Stay indoors during the heavy rains.

6. Make provisions for children and adults requiring special diets.

7. Drive carefully if you are driving.

8. Keep doors and window shut.

9. Listen to the radio, tv; rely only on official warnings.

10. Drink boiled water.

11. If you feel unsafe, leave early before the onset of cyclone.

12. Keep mobile phone charged to ensure connectivity.

13. Keep animals unite to ensure their safety.

14. Keep documents in waterproof container.


1. Avoid Humours.

2. Don’t venture outside.

3. Don’t leave any sharp objects loose.

4. Stay away from damage buildings.

       ~Be brave Be smart Be prepared~


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