Jobs that pay you to travel Internationally


Those who are least interested to work on the desk and want to travel and explore new things to collect information. Then here we have shared some Jobs that you can you can apply to travel Internationally.

1. Travel Blogger- If you are planning to be a travel blogger, vlogger, YouTuber, then make sure that you are the boss but for that the most important thing you can do for your blog is to create great content focused on sharing the story of their travels. Invest in products like to buy equipment to capture your trips. Do some experiments, make some unique one’s to increase your followers and money too.

2. Pilot- Pilots basically fly and navigate airplanes, helicopters, and other types of aircraft. While traveling from one place to another they get the chance to stay in different places.

3. Cabin Crew- Cabin Crew Jobs are for customer Service, Cabin Attendant, flight captain, Cabin Crew Incharge and so on. As per their personality presentation skill they get the free travel accommodation.

4. Travel show host/ choreographer /cinemagrapher- To host the show you must bring passion to the audience. It’s basically a work of being an anchor. The best example for travel show are like Travel Xp, Fox life, BBC travel show, NDTV Good times.

6. Work at cruise ships- In this job you will get the chance to Explore the World in Style. The works are like hosters, chielf, Bar tenders.

7. Adventure sports Instructor- The instructor for the sports like Bunjee Jumping, skiing, Dirt biking, Scuba diving, Zorbing, Mountain biking, Rock climbing, Hang gliding, Hiking, Rafting, Dessert camping. These list of extreme sports will give you chance to travel.

8. Merchant Navy- This navy officer is employed by commercial shipping companies to work on all kinds of seagoing vessels, such as cruise liners, cargo ships, tankers and hovercraft. Where you get the chance to travel different place.

9. English Teacher- As English is a universal language mode of communication, so being an English teacher you get a chance to teach in different areas it may be India of outside the nation.

10. Performer/Artist- Being a recognised artist you get offers to attend events in different concerts.


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