List of Indian cities and their nicknames


Every city has its own stories and memories. So, here we have shared some cities of India and their nick names. Let’s scroll up.

1.Pune – “Queen of deccan”

2. Mumbai- “Gateway of India”

3. Udaipur – “City of lakes”

4. Jaipur- “Pink city”

5. Jodhpur- “Blue city”

6. Hyderabad- “City of pearls”

7. Darjeeling- “Queen of hills”

8. Jaisalmer- “Golden city”

9. Varanasi- “spiritual city of India”

10. Lucknow- ” city of nawabs”

11. Thiruvananthapuram- “evergreen city of India”

12. Kolkata- ” city of joy”

13. Bengaluru- “silicon valley of India”

14. Nagpur- “orange city”

15. New delhi- ” city of rallies”

16. Dehradun- “school capital of India”

17. Coorg- “Scotland of India”

18. Chandigarh- “the city of beautiful”

19. Chennai- “Detroit of Asia”

20. Alappuzha- “the venise of the east”

21. Ahmedabad- “Manchester of India”

22. Jamshedpur- “steel city of India”

23. Agra- ” city of tan”

24. Kochi- “Queen of Arabian”


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