New Vote Rap will hype the 2019 Election poll


    Now, Kolkata Gully Boys are ready to swag this election poll with the vote rap.

    The Boys have come up with vote rap ‘Botton Daba’ with the lines “Vote Vote Vote Vote aa raha election/ kise? Kise? Kise Dun? Karna hai selection. Peheli bar vote dunga, lunga ungli pe nishaan/ Agar daswi bar bhi ho toh na banna tum nadaan.” The raper has made this rap urging first-time voters like himself.

    These lyrics are written and performed by “Awessum Frankie”, who is well known as Huzaifa Rez. The entire videos were shot in the rooftops, train compartment, painted walls and crowded areas.

    Earlier, though Reza had posted some videos in his YouTube channel, now had made this vote rap, inpiring from the Gully Boy which have always been vocal on social and political issued in their tracks.

    Rappers in the city have come into the limelight since bollywood actor Ranveer Singh starrer the “Gully Boy” that took the bus office by strom.


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