Things need to avoid of Bura Na Mano Holi Hai!


    Though Holi is a festival of togetherness but still we  dare not forget sometimes a deep psychological scar if safety measures are ignored. Let’s not normalize the pretext of “Bura na mano Holi hai“.

    Some simple things that we need to keep in mind for a safe Holi –

    1.Firstly, brief your kids and elder one’s about how much touching is allowed and up to what extent it is acceptable.

    2. Then teach them to say NO.

    3. Discourage them from balloon throwing without the consent.

    4. Ask them to raise their voice if they are not comfortable with any kind of touch or are forced to continue playing.

    5. Be prudent as a parent and have emergency contact numbers with you in case of a serious mishap.

    6. Try to end up your celebration without any harmful effects, take proper care beforehand.

    Along with this, some More things you need to follow –

    1.Moisturize your body and hair thoroughly with coconut or olive oil.

    2. Use sunglasses to protect eyes, use nail paint to protect the nails and hats or scarves to cover up the hair.

    3. Wear fully covered clothes to safeguard the skin.

    4. Keep hydrated.

    5. Use organic and natural colours.

    6. Avoid dark colours.


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