Outfits not to wear for Job interview


The most important thing that always matters while you are out for an interview is to present yourself. Along with seeing the vocabulary skills, your qualifications, behaviour, the outfit you have worn for the purpose also count on it.

While apart from your experience, the outfit is the only think to represent yourself, because people judge you according to it.

As to make your first impression good, let’s have a look at the outfits that we must avoid while going to interview.

1.Sneakers- As interview is an different situation so, wearing a sneakers can give you bad remark as it doesn’t fit with formals outfit. Only if we will clean it up properly then it can be acceptable to wear it.

2.Shots- some companies may allow you to wear shorts, particularly khaki or linen shorts. However, unless you are absolutely certain the employer will not mind you wearing shorts.

3.Low cut blouse- There are some obvious occasions to wear a low-cut blouse. So, it’s better if you wear a proper cut blouse for an interview.

4.Jeans- By wearing Jeans you can look smarter but it’s good idea to wear stick to trouser and tailored pants for the interview.

5. Choose a decent colour dress- To make a good impression at first sight.

So, before going to an interview, make sure that you have dressed well.


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