After long pandemic era of lockdowns Odisha State Government has announced for the reopening of schools for the students of 10th and 12th grades. Schools are going to reopen from 8 January onwards.Classes of both the grades will continue for a period of 100 days including Saturdays and Sundays. Classes of 10th grade students will be conducted from 8 January to 26 April and final board exam will be held on 3 May, 2021. Likewise classes of 12th grade will be conducted from 8 January to 28 April and the practical exams will held between 29 April – 14 May. The final board exam of 12th grade will be held from 15May to 11June, 2021.

After a long academic break slowly careful attempts are taken by the State Government to normally run the academic studies of both the grades students. Due to this pandemic era many students went into depression worrying about their career. Attempts already started to bring the students to their normal form for recieving education. Hope this step becomes successful.