This Diwali, Zomato wishes folks in a foodie way


During Diwali festival, taking to social media blogging site the restaurant aggregator and food delivery start up, Zomato had made a contest alert for the people of India to Share the most relatable Diwali wishes on their timeline, tag their friends and use #ZomatoDiwali.

While the Best entries will get the chance to win Gold Membership, 25 Gold memberships to be won every day.

Here are some of the wishes of the people who have responded to it.

1. Wishing you all a very happy Diwali filled with lots of cheery tomatoes on your pizza  #ContestAlert #ZomatoDiwali

2.#ContestAlert #ZomatoDiwali “May your life fill with lots of curd and raita”
Happy happy Diwali peeps

3. #ZomatoDiwali #ContestAlert “May happiness be like chocolate sauce and ice cream” in your life. Happy Diwali

4.“Your mind & soul will be enlightened; your heart will be purified. And your bond of love will be strengthened. Wish you a very delightful Happy Diwali” #ZomatoDiwali #Contestdiwali, Khushi Verma Akki Akki

5.Time to celebrate Diwali day with lots of colourful veggies to make day colorful #ZomatoDiwali

6.YOU are the apple pie of my eye . Happy Diwali #ZomatoDiwali

7.#ZomatoDiwali #Contestdiwali As bread butter completes my breakfast…
You complete me mumma….happy diwali…

8.You are the #Protein of my #CleanDiet. *Mandy if you are reading it*

9. I want to do more than just CHAAAT with u this Diwali #ZomatoDiwali Zomato Poonam Jadhav

10. I donut know Vada do without U…Lettuce celebrate Diwali together #ZomatoDiwali Zomato Poonam Jadhav

11. You are my Toker Daal as I am your Aloo Posto..#ContestAlert #ZomatoDiwali

12. #ZomatoDiwali #ContestADiwali  “May be happiness spread like mozzarella cheese in your life” Wishing you a very happy Diwali guys

13. A pizza slice a day keeps sadness away ! #contestAlert #ZomatoDiwali

14. It’s diwali time it’s the festival of joy festival of sweets chocolates hugs and tyoharo ka mzza apno ke saath hota hai
Happpy diwali to all-Vishesh Jain Mehul Gupta #ZomatoDiwali #ContestDiwali

15. #zomatoDiwali You r the pav of my vada..Happy Diwali ,you  Mirchi
Rahul Gupta Swati Sahu Nisha Sahu

16. You are my I am ur chawal…happy diwali….#Contestalert

17. May You and Happiness be like matar in PULAO  We wish everything RICE comes your way Dinesh Kanswal  my PULAO lover
#ContestAlert #ZomatoDiwali

Notably, Zomato is an Indian restaurant aggregator and food delivery start up founded in 2008. It was started by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. It provides information, menus and user-reviews of restaurants, and also has food delivery options from partner restaurants in select cities. As of 2016, the service is available in 24 countries.

Area served 24 countries: Australia,  Brazil,   Canada, Chile, Czech Republic,  India,    Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland,  Portugal,  Qatar, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, UAE, United Kingdom, United States. However, it has it’s headquarters in India.

Deepinder Goyal, and Pankaj Chaddah are the founder of Zomato.


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