Treatment for Ringworm infection


What is Ringworm?

Ringworm refers to a types of fungal infections of the top layer of the skin. This infection has such name because it creates a red rash, itching having a ring like appearance on the skin. However, this affect both men, women, children; although it is more common among women.

How this fungal infection formed?

It affect the different parts of the body, especially the covered parts and fold areas like underarm, inner thigh which usually get wet due to heavy sweating.

How we can take care of our skin?

1.Wash the skin gently.

2.Dry the skin thoroughly after bath.

3.Pat the skin smoothly with a soft towel in tender areas, don’t rub.

4.Make sure any folds areas are dried thoroughly.

5.Change sock or underwear more often than usual if they cover an infected area.

6.Always treat the affected area properly and take care of the germs at the same time, as infection often spreads from one area to another.

7.Wear loose-fitting clothing and undergarments, such as boxers.

8.Iron your clothes before you wear.

9.Allow sun heat to dry your clothes.

10.Use the medicine only after prescribed by the doctor.

11.Complete the course, because if you will stop in the midway there may have the chance of facing the same problem once again.

12.Wash your clothes with hot water.

13.Don’t share your daily use products with any one.

14.Avoid going to swimming pool.


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