The validity of driving licence(DL) and other vehicle related documents like RC, permits, fitness certificates are extended till March 31,2021.It is declared by The road transport and highway ministry. This declaration is also for people whose documents validity got expired since February 2020 and is going to be expire by March 31,2021.

The road transport and highway ministry made this relaxations on looking at the present practical situation and problems arising in the country due to the pandemic. The present pandemic era is more problematic for commercial vehicle owners as the use of public transports are minimised by people. Besides this, a large no. of people who had received their learner’s licence since August – September 2019 were not able to attain the practical driving test to get their permanent driving licence due to the lockdowns and shutdowns made by the government. After release of this lockdowns and shutdowns large no. of applicants are now applying to book their slot and timing for appearing the practical test to get the permanent driving licence. Alloting time slots to a large mass of people within limited time period is next to impossible.

Some of these issues related to transport field should be taken into consideration by the government. So, that the common public will be relieved from stress and panic to get valid documents done and renew their documents immediately. This extension in time period validity of DL and documents will not only help the citizens to utilise the transport related services effectively but also in maintaining social distancing and other pandemic related guidelines issued by the government for public welfare purpose.

Swetalin Mohanty