What happens if we eat food during Eclipse?


As today midnight we will come across the Lunar eclipse, for the second time in the same year, the preparedness of the food have been made by the people to take in before the eclipse.

Blood moon

Whenever we talk about the eclipse, one thing that comes to our mind is about being restricted to cook food, as well as to eat food early and to keep our stomach vacant while the formation of the eclipse.

As per the scientific term, the rare ray that falls at the time of Eclipse makes everything posonious, what comes in its way at the time of interval. Reason of which people were constricted to eat food and to keep the stomach vacant.

It is said that if we will eat food at that time, we will face the health hazard as the layer of poison will get inside our body.

With this, post eclipse, the folks clean up their house to wipe out the poisonous area.


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