Why are my breast so sore during pregnancy? Tips to maintain

Source: shyaway.com

Don’t worry! Sore breast during pregnancy is natural. During pregnancy, the body develops hormones to grow milk glands and prepare lactation. The hormones basically increase the blood flow to the breast, the reason of which the milk busk expands and a fat layer built in our breast.

When does the breast soreness start?

Normally the breast soreness starts from the 5th or 7th week of the pregnancy and usually last up to the first trimester.

How to get relief from soreness?

Here are few steps to follow during pregnancy:

  1. As your breast size is increasing, it’s necessary to increase the bra size so as to avoid uneasiness.
  2. To prevent your breast from bouncing, replace your regular bra with a sports bra or Comfy nursing bra which are now easily available.
  3. If your bra trouble you, try a nipple cover or breast pad.
  4. Avoid Touch. It may hurt you more if it comes in contact.
  5. In case you want to ease up your breast a bit, take a lukewarm water shower.
  6. To hide the biggerness of the breast, it’s best to wear loose clothes.
  7. To reduce the irritation you can put a towel dip of cold water.
  8. Use a pregnancy pillow or U-shape pillow while sleeping to have a complete sleep.

In case you are nervous and could not believe a random recommendation. Then it’s the best way to keep in touch with your gynaecologist.


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