Making of Mandia Kakra Pitha


A Aadi Anna series of Odisha Millet Mission offers a healthier and tastier food preparations based on ancient millets. The article based on Odia delicacy Kakra Pitha consumed during festivities. But with a bit of twist, this Kakra pitha made of ragi and suji or even atta.


Mandia flour- 400gm
Suji- 600gm
Sugar/ jaggery- 400gm( more or less as per taste)
Salt- as per requirement
Oil- as required
Green cardamom powder- 2 gm
Cow ghee- 25 gm
Fennel seed/ saunf- 3 gm
Grated coconut-400gm
Black pepper powder/ coarsely crushed -2 gm


Dough making for kakara
Sieve Ragi (mandia) flour and mix with suji and keep aside.
In a pan/ kadhai boil water with the salt, sugar,fennel seeds and cow ghee.
Bring the water to a boil in a medium flame. once the sugar melts in water , add Ragi and suji mix.
Stir continuously for 4-5 minutes over a low flame.
Cook till all the suji ragi mix is swollen and the mixture starts coming together like a ball.
Once the mix thickens like halwa, turn off the flame.
Remove the mixture on a plate and allow it to cool down for about 8-10 minutes.
Grease your palms with a little ghee and knead the mixture to form a smooth dough and keep aside with a cover.

Stuffing preparation

Heat another pan.
Add grated coconut and sugar/ jaggery , cook for 3-4 minutes till the sugar/ jaggery melts.
Once the sugar/ jaggery melts completely, add cardamom powder and black pepper.
Mix and roast everything for half a minute, switch off the flame and keep aside.

Kakra making

  • Check the dough after 15 minutes. Apply a little ghee on hands and knead the dough to make it smooth.
  • Divide the dough into 35 equal portions. Apply a little ghee on your hands and pick a portion of the dough.
  • Roll it between your palms. Use your fingers to give it a shallow bowl shape.
    Fill the dough with stuffing and close the mouth of the dough by collecting the corners and pinching it at the top.
  • Press the ball between your palms to flatten it. Press the ends slightly. Similarly, stuff and prepare all the Pithas.
  • Heat the oil ,Keep the flame medium-high. Once oil turns heat then reduce the flame to medium low.
  • Drop the Pithas in the oil and fry them for 1 mins from one side. After 1minutes, turn them upside down and fry Pithas from both sides till golden brown.
  • Once they turn golden brown, pick them up with a slotted spoon. Tilt the spoon at the corner of the pot. This will discard the extra oil back in the pot.
  • Take the Pithas out on a plate and serve them warm.
  • Fry all the Pithas similarly; each batch will take around 6-7 mins to fry up.
  • Mandia Kakara Pitha is ready to be serve.

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Pratika Priyadarshini


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