Some Foods to be avoided while in empty stomach


In the busy schedule many a times for the sake of quick breakfast people eat whatever they get in there way. You know? For your this kind of activity you may face the serious health hazard. So, for healthy diets several research were been made about what to eat and what not to.

what to avoid

Below there are some food which you need to avoid for a better side from being healthy. So, have a look.

  1. Spicy food

Avoid eating the food filled with masala especially the chilly kind of foods. For which it may create acid as well as create piles kind of diseases.

  1. Soft drink

Drinking soft drinks like cold drinks may affect you, because it involve large amount of carbonate acid, white drinking this will mix up with the acid inside our stomach and will generate different kind of diseases. Except that you may face the diseases like gastric and vomiting.

  1. Frigid food

Don’t ever try to drink or eat cold kind of foods like cold coffee or the foods which were directly brought from refrigerator, because it may creates various problems inside the stomach and also affect in the digestion process.

In place of this if you take a cup of green tea or any slight hot drink then it may create a better place in your body.

  1. Sour fruits

Eating the sour kind of fruits is not just justified while in empty stomach. The fruits like orange, lemon, grapes etc; because through which the acid are formed inside the stomach.


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